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Retrofit Applications
For retrofit applications where every cubic foot of area is critical, the Hi-Velocity System is the solution to your heating and cooling needs. Being able to run duct work into places where standard duct work would not fit, allows heating, cooling and ventilation to be installed in applications where the only other choice would be floor heating or baseboards.
In Gastown, Vancouver BC this historic building was heated with hot water radiators.  The new tenant, a software developer, wanted to add air conditioning, and the contractor suggested a Hi-Velocity drilled outlet supply duct application.  An HE-100 was installed and the heat pump was installed on the roof.  The boiler will be used as a back up for the heat pump run from the existing blower.
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In France an HV-50 was retrofit in the cellar of this house for heating. With space being the main concern, the versatility of the Hi-Velocity System was the optimum solution.
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This house was featured in the magazine This Old House.  A single Hi-Velocity HV-100 was the perfect solution for the replacement of the existing radiant heating.
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Check out the Case Studies for more examples of how the system was used in different applications and see what the end user has to say about the systems. 
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