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Case Studies/Applications
The Hi-Velocity System continues to be the most versatile air system on the market today. Ease of installation in almost any application, as well as being able to use water from any source, combine to offer maximum flexibility.
Residential Case Studies
Valour Place
Arkansas Mountain Home
B.C. Children's Lottery Home
Oxshott Property
1,500 Unit Complex
Romania Multi-Zone
France Retrofit
This Old House Retrofit
Retrofit Home #3
Vaulted Ceilings
New Construction
Large Home Installation
Commercial Case Studies
ESP Manufacturing Facility
Peachland Primary School
Apple Store
Summit House Restaraunt
Spunstrand Inc.
Kirkland Metal Shop
Bikram Yoga Studio
Legends Home Furnishings
Jockey Club
Library Case Study
Millennium Stadium Office
Thorpe Theme Park
Subway Restaurant
Calgary Office Building
Historic Gastown
Sacred Hearts Church
Minnesota Bike Shop
For residential applications where every cubic foot of area is critical, the Hi-Velocity System is the solution to your heating and cooling needs.  Being able to run duct work into places where standard duct work would not fit, allows heating, cooling and ventilation to be installed in applications where the only other choice would be floor heating or baseboards.

 Valour Place

Valour Place provides the comforts of home to soldiers, veterans and RCMP and their families as they undergo medical treatment and care.

 Mountain Home in Arkansas
Everything about this home is unique. 
 B.C. Children's Lottery Home
Every year the Children's Hospital has a Lottery to raise funds for new equipment. 
 Oxshott Residential
A property developer renovated this luxury house and listed building in Oxshott.
Hi-Velocity Systems have been installed in Homes, Offices, Daycare Centres, Nursing Homes, Community Halls, Leisure Centers, Showrooms, Commercial Shops, and Factories.   Along with our small diameter flexible duct, drilled outlets can be used to supply a large area with heating and cooling. These outlets can also be used to create a pressurized air curtain for bay doors, or large openings to the outside environment.
 ESP Manufacturing Facility
The home of Hi-Velocity Systems was rebuilt in 2007. 
 Peachland Primary School
The Peachland Primary School Restoration Project in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC.
 Apple Computer Store
This Apple computer store is set in historic Yaletown Vancouver B.C.
 The Summit House Restaurant
The Summit House on Capital Hill in Seattle faced an interesting HVAC challenge. 
 Spunstrand Inc.
Spunstrand is a manufacturer in a a 12,000 square foot facility in Wallace, Idaho. 

 Kirkland Metal Shop

This beautiful old home that was built around the turn of the century was orginally heated with coal fireplaces on every floor.
 Bikram Yoga Studio
Bikram Yoga required a heating system to keep a room at a constant 100 degrees during classes.
 Legends Home Furnishings
Legends required a drilled outlet installation for cooling only.
 Jockey Club
The Jockey Club at Newmarket is a magnificent Grade II listed building.
 Library Case Study
Wandsworth Borough Council required a cost effective heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation system.  
 Millenium Stadium Office
The people working in the Welsh Rugby Union offices in the Millennium Stadium were suffering from cold feet.

 Thorpe Theme Park
Thorpe Park in Surrey converted an old time river steamer into a large walk through maze.

More Hi-Velocity Application Pictures
     Approximately 1500 Hi-Velocity Systems were utilized in this apartment complex. HV-50s and 70s supplied the heating and cooling demands for the individual suites. See Pictures Here...
     This home in Romania was the first installation by Global Alliance using the Hi-Velocity System. The house is 350m2 and is heated and fully air conditioned by 2 Hi-Velocity Fan Coil units, an HE-50 H and an HE-100H, along with RPM-E-50 and RPM-E-100 Cooling Modules. The owner was impressed by fact that Hi-Velocity system does not use radiators or air conditioning apparatus, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the building (inside and outside) and optimizing the floor and wall space. The discreet outlets were put in the ceilings, and some walls used grills that hide multi vents. The system makes it possible to have multiple-zoning which allows individual time and temperature control for the main areas. The ducts are in the garret of the house, and the technical room (with fan coils, cooling modules, pumps) is in the semi-basement.  See Pictures Here...
     In France an HV-50 was retrofit in the cellar of this house for heating. With space being the main concern, the versatility of the Hi-Velocity System was the optimum solution.
See Pictures Here...
     This house was featured in the magazine This Old House.  A single Hi-Velocity HV-100 was the perfect solution for the replacement of the existing radiant heating.
See Pictures Here...
     The Hi-Velocity System integrates with any home, the small vent outlets are easily hidden or adaptable to any room.  See Pictures Here...
     The Hi-Velocity System was ideal for the large vaulted ceilings of this home.  See Pictures Here...
     With new home construction the Hi-Velocity System is simple and quick to install.  See Pictures Here...
     The Hi-Velocity System is ideal for larger homes, not only does it integrate easily into the house construction, it supplies a high degree of Indoor Air Quality.  See Pictures Here...
     In North Dakota a Subway restaurant used a single Hi-Velocity HV-70 for heating and cooling, to maintain excellent air quality for their customers. See Pictures Here...
     This office building in Calgary Alberta used 14 Hi-Velocity fan coils for heating and cooling. Drilled outlets were used for the large open areas, while the flexible mini duct was used to condition the offices of the building. See Pictures Here...
     In Gastown, Vancouver BC this historic building was heated with hot water radiators.  The new tenant, a software developer, wanted to add air conditioning, and the contractor suggested a Hi-Velocity drilled outlet supply duct application.  An HE-100 was installed and the heat pump was installed on the roof.  The boiler will be used as a back up for the heat pump run from the existing blower.  See Pictures Here...
     The Sacred Hearts church in the Boston area used 6 Hi-Velocity fan coils, installed in the attic for heating and cooling. The System was the ideal choice with the 30' ceilings. See Pictures Here...
     A Bicycle Shop in the Minnesota area installed 3 Hi-Velocity HV-100s for heating and cooling. Drilled outlets were utilized for the open areas of the store and mini duct runs for the offices of the building. See Pictures Here...

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