Hi-Velocity Literature Request Form
All Literature is available for download at www.hi-velocity.com

You can also print out our PDF format Literature Request Form and fax
it to us at 780-453-1932 or email to literature@hi-velocity.com. 

All literature orders will be sent VIA ground service. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from date of order.
Call for additional costs for shipping and handling if orders are required in less than 3 weeks.
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All shipments to the United States must include an FEI (IRS #) for Customs purposes. Incomplete forms may be rejected and not processed from the literature department at Energy Saving Products.

  Hi-Velocity Informational Folders: (Please indicate the quantity required in the box)  Use the check boxes below to design the contents of your info folders.  Info Pack quantities are limited.
HE-Z Standard Brochure      (Module-STND)
HE-Z Tri-Fold Brochure       (Module-TRI)
Builders Series Brochure       (Module-BLD)
HE PS Brochure      (Module-HPSb)
HE-Z Design Manual      (Module-DES)
HE-Z Installation Manual      (Module HE-Z, Includes Coil Installation)
JH Brochure       (Module JHb)
LV-Z Series Brochure      (Module-LVZb)

Use this section for individual literature orders
Hi-Velocity Standard Brochures
HE-Z Standard Brochure      (Module STND)
HE-Z Tri-Fold Brochure       (Module TRI)
HE-Z Installation Manual      (Module HE-Z, Includes Coil Installation)
HE-Z Design Manual       (Module DES)
Hi-Velocity Builders Brochures
Builders Series Brochure      (Module BLD)
R Series Manual
Coil Installation Manual      (All Coils)
LV-Z Series
LV-Z Series Brochure      (Module LV-Zb)
LV-Z Series Manual      (Module LV-Z)
JH System
JH Brochure       (Module JHb)
JH Manual       (Module JH)

Price Sheet
July 2017 Price Sheet      (Module PRC)
Product Samples
  2" A.F.D. Insulated R4.2 Flex Sample
  HE A.F.D Insulated R4.2 Flex Sample

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