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Technical Support
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  Download ALL Product Specifications & Sizing HERE  
  HE-Z Series LV-Z Series  
  Hi-Velocity Design Manual (HE-Z/HE-B) LV-Z Series Installation Manual  
  HE-Z Installation Manual (Complete - 52 Pgs) LV-Z Series Specifications  
  HE-Z Commissioning Report & User Guide    
  HE-Z Engineering Specs LV Series  
  Installation Manual Modules LV Series Installation Manual  
  Common Parts & Introduction (HE-Z/HE-B/HV) LV Series Specifications  
  Outlet Installation (HE-Z/HE-B/HV)    
  Fan Coil Placement (HE-Z/HE-B/HV) JH Series  
  Installing Plenum & Branch Duct (HE-Z/HE-B/HV) JH Series Installation Manual  
  Return Air Installation (HE-Z/HE-B/HV) JH Series Specifications  
  HE-Z Wiring & Airflow Settings    
  Add Ons & 3rd Party Options (HE-Z/HE-B/HV) Misc Documents  
  HE-Z Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Factory Requirements Form  
  HE-Z Series Specifications Service & Performance Form  
    Warranty Terms  
  HE-B Series    
  Hi-Velocity Design Manual (HE-Z/HE-B) Coil Module Installation  
  HE-B Installation Manual RPM-E Refrigerant Module Installation  
  HE-B Commissioning Report & User Guide RPM-E Series Specifications  
  HE-B Series Specifications RCM/RM Refrigerant Module Installation  
    RCM Series Specifications  
  HV Series WCM Chilled Water Coil Installation  
  HV Series Design Manual WCM Series Specifications  
  HV Series Installation Manual HWC Hot Water Coil Installation  
HV Series Specifications HWC Series Specifications
  ESH Electric Strip Coil Installation
Previously Released Models ESH Series Specifications
HE Series  
  HE Installation Manual Hi-Velocity Air Purification System  
HE Series User Guide HE PS Air Purification System Manual
HE-Z WEG External Box Installation
(HE Series Upgrade)
HE PS Series Specifications
HE-B WEG External Box Installation
(HE Builders Series Galvanized Upgrade)
HE-B-52 WEG External Box Installation
(HE-52 Builders Series Galvanized Upgrade)
Tables & Calculators
  High Altitude De-Rating Table  
LV-E Series Rectangular to Round Duct Table
LV-E Series Installation Manual Air Mix Calculator
LV-Z WEG External Box Installation
(LV-E-1050 Upgrade)
BTUH Calculator
LV-Z-1750 WEG External Box Installation
(LV-E-1750 Upgrade)
Motor Sizing
PWM Control  
PWM Control Manual  
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