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Hi-Velocity Video Page

Click pictures to stream videos from Youtube. For downloadable videos, you will need a .wmv or .mp4 player (Windows Media Player, VLC player etc.) 
Hi-Velocity Airflow Demonstration - 2017  (2:00min)
This multi-camera airflow video demonstrates the Venturi effect created by our small diameter duct systems, and how it creates even temperatures in homes and offices. As you watch the air (with added smoke) coming into the room, you can see it reacting with the room air by peeling off and creating eddies and currents. As you can see, by 60 seconds there is gentle, even distribution of the air in every room.

Download MP4 File - 131mb, 2:00min (Right-Click and "Save Link As)
Airflow Demonstration - Original  (02:08min)
Click here for a two minute Hi-Velocity Airflow Demonstration
In our popular original Airflow Demonstration video, the effect of a single outlet in a room can be seen.  You can see the currents carrying the air under the bed to the outer wall, and even though there is some distance from the outlet to the outside wall, the eddies are still creating a gentle stirring of the room air, which eliminates stratification.

Download WMV File  - 84mb, 2:08min (Right-Click and "Save Link As)

WMV File - No Text - 52mb, 2:08min (Right-Click and "Save Link As)

HE-Z Introduction w/ Demonstration  (05:23min)

In this Introduction to the HE-Z Series, featuring our own Tim Prevost, learn about the latest addition to the Hi-Velocity Product line. Includes a demonstration of how the new PSB (Pressure Sensing Board) reacts to zoning applications.

Download MP4 File - 92mb, 5:23min  (Right-Click and "Save Link As)
Installation Video Complete  (18:48min)
Click here for our complete Hi-Velocity Installation Video.
  The Hi-Velocity Installation video illustrates general installation ideas, and is intended for use in conjunction with the current version of the Hi-Velocity Installation Manual.

Video Breakdown - Youtube
1 - Locating and Installing Vents
2 - Installing the Main Supply Plenum
3 - Installing the Flexible Duct
4 - Installing the Fan Coil
5 - Installing the Heating Coil
6 - Installing the Cooling Coil
7 - Installing Filtration Systems
8 - The Return System
9 - Connecting Heating & Cooling Sources
10 - Wiring Installations
11 - Finishing the Installation

Download WMV File
- 865mb, 18:48min (Right-Click and "Save Link As) WMV Installation video is downloadable for training or presentations. This is a large download.

Decorative Vent Plate Installations  (03:45min)
Click here to see different decorative vent plate applications. Our vent plates are available in many attractive finishes, in compositions of plastic, metal, and wood which can be finished, painted or stained to match their surroundings.

Download WMV File - 285mb,  3:44min (Right-Click and "Save Link As)
Alliant Energy's Powerhouse TV Feature  (05:19min)
"Discover a great way to distribute air conditioning in an area you might not have thought was possible..." Alliant Energy's Powerhouse TV features Hi-Velocity Air Conditioning  in this video from 2010. Available on Youtube only.
New Building Video  (02:34min)
Click here to view our new Manufacturing Facility. Energy Saving Products Ltd. has unveiled its brand new 23,000 square foot LEED© Certified facility, on the site of the arson that completely destroyed the building and its contents on January 27th, 2009.

Download SWF File (865mb - 18:48min)
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